Activities of Nalta central Ahsania Mission


Hazrat Shahsufi Alhaj Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah (R) founded Nalta central Ahsania Mission 1n 1935.After its establishment Ahsania Mission has been implemented various humanitarian activities for the betterment of common people irrespective of religion, creed and caste. The activities are mentioned below.

1. Treatment:

Ahsania Eye Clinic: Ahsania eye clinic is being operated its activities through the own fund of Nalta central Ahsania Mission. This treatment facility has provided in free of cost every day except Saturday from 8 a.m to 2 p.m.

Eye Camp: Eye camp is one of the most significant activities among the multifarious welfare activities of Nalta central Ahsania Mission.As a regular activity central  Ahsania Mission organised a eye camp every year. B.N.S.B eye hospital of Khula provides all out supports for operating eye camp. Besides, treatments in camp, lens are placed with the support of Khulna BNSB Hospital. Free services are being provided from this camp with the support of donor.
Treatment cost. Central Mission bears the partial cost for incurable diseases of the destitute and poor patient. Every year central Mission bears such partial cost for about 300 patients.

Homoeopathic Charitable Dispensary: There is an experienced doctor  for operating the homoeo pathic  charitable dispensary run by Nalta central Ahsania Mission. Poor and destitute patients are receiving the treatment services free of cost. The number of patients increasing day by day. More than 38000 patients receiving the treatment services every year.

Khatna Camp: Khatna Camp started from 2007 through the initiatives of Nalta central Ahsania Mission. This service is render by Nalta central Ahsania Mission in free of cost. The children are received necessary medicine and lungi after khatna.

Other treatment services:
Beside these, Mission undertakes various activities like organizing of  free gyne camp, free cardiac diseases  and medicine treatment camp etc as per need. These activities are organized with the support of different persons and various organizations.

2. Education:

Education Council: Education is the backbone of the nation. Hazrat Khan Bahadur Asannullah (R) played a pivotal  role for educational development of the disadvantaged Muslim of the undivided Bengal. From this point of view “ Education Council” was formed. Every year 250 poor and meritorious  students are provide money for purchase the books and form fill up for examination.

Ahsania Mission Public Library: Ahsania Mission public library operates for quest of thirst of Knowledge. Books and papers are collected here regularly. Any body can provide books as  donation to Ahsania Mission public library  if he/she desire. Ahsania Mission receives these books with thanks.
Book sell centre operation: As per reader’s need central  Mission sells the books written by Hazrat Peer Kebla (R) in low price.

3. Religious Education and Orphanage

Hafezia Madrasha : Central Ahsania Mission established the Hafezia Madrasha. Arrangement regarding free food and lodging for orphan and poor students are available here.

Nalta Ahsania Darul Ulum Senior Madrasha: Nalta central Ahsania Mission established Ahsania Darul Ulum senior Madrasha. The number of students of this Madrasha  are 450.

Forkania Madrasha: More than 300 students are reading in this Madrasha at present.

Orphanage and Lillah Boarding: Operation of orphanage and lillah boarding is an expensive work. Arrangement regarding food and lodging of 50 students for the whole year is exist.

4. Relief activities:

One of the important activity of central Ahsania Mission is to stand by sufferings humanity.Mission stands by the sufferings people when any disaster occurred. Mission undertook the relief activities during Sidr,Aila,flood,cyclone etc and  distributed food and relief goods.

5. Hosting

Guest House: Every day Mission arrange food for those who comes from home and abroad to here for performing ziarat. In addition to that, every Friday Mission arrange food for those who comes for performing jumma.

Longar Khana: Mission arrange longar khana in every Friday. Food are distribute from this longor khana  to beggars

6. Use of Guest House:

During the holly ors and other times Mission makes necessary arrangement for  the Mission members , peer brother and other well wisher regarding their staying at A.Gafur Guest House, Salimullah Guest House, Firoza Mohsin Guest House, Jahir Ahmed Panthashala, Musafirkhana, Habiganj Bhabhan and ASTANA. Respective authority looks after the guest’s facilities during their stay at the guest houses.

7.  Flower Garden:

Hazrat Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah loved the flowers. A flower garden has been raised   with different flowers plant  for beautification of Holly Rowja Sharif . There is a regular arrangement for care the garden.

8.  Observance of Birth Anniversary:

Observance of Birth Anniversary is one of the regular activity of Nalta central Ahsania Mission. Under the supervision of Nalta central Ahsania Mission  free treatment service are provided in every year on the occasion of  birth anniversary. A seminar is also organized in  this regard. Renowned persons of the country presented the essay and speech in this occasion.

9. Book and Bulletin Publication:

“Annul Report “and Al-Ahsan Bulletin have been published in every year.


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