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After retiring from the government service, Khanbahadur Ahsanullah, on March 15, 1935, founded a organisation -- Ahsania Mission -- with the twin objectives of enlightenment of the soul and social service for the masses. M. Jauharally was elected as the first Secretary of Ahsania Mission. He served the Mission with full work-competency, integrity and trustworthiness for 42 years (1935 - 1977).

The head office of Ahsania Mission (Central Ahsania Mission) is located at Nalta Sharif under Satkhira district, Bangladesh. There are about 117 branch missions of Ahsania Mission at home and abroad.

Ahsania Mission is the outward manifestation of Khanbahadur Ahsanullah's faith, ideals and mirrors the inherent beauty of his being. It was he who set the aims and objectives of the Mission: Praying for the grace of the Creator and serving those created by Him. Selfless service was one of the most distinct features of his life. He wrote in his autobiography on this: "I have set my life's goal to serve people living far away from the cities. The pleasure that offering of service gives, cannot be found in personal aggrandizement. Boundless love will not come unless the element of 'self' is negated. If there is no love for the creation, there cannot be any love for the Creator. The only aims of my life are to extend brotherhood, fraternity and spread the message of peace."

Urash Sharif

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